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Diagnostic Lab Testing Will you live a long, healthy disease-free life?

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Our expert diagnostic lab test may save and prolong your life!

  • Food Intolerance
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Men’s (L3W) Live Long Live Well
  • Women’s (L3W) Live Long Live Well

A simple blood test may save you from the hidden early clutches of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, organ dysfunction, chronic immune disorders, hormone disorders and more. Every single drop of blood has a story to tell. Any expert clinician can read it like a book and tell a great deal about you. they can tell you whether you are eating right and treating your body well. They can detect hidden signs of danger that your doctor might miss. They can spot deadly time bombs ticking away in your body, waiting to explode months or maybe years from now.

Our diagnostic lab testing services provide you with indicators and insights into critical questions, such as:

  • How are my work habits affecting my health?
  • Am I aging too fast?
  • How is my general wellness?
  • Could my recent weight gain be caused by a sluggish metabolism?
  • Is my depression triggered by a food allergy?
  • Could holiday feasting affect my cholesterol levels?
  • Has drinking damaged my liver?
  • Could my vision loss be linked with diabetes?
  • Am I harboring chronic infections and allergies?
  • Could my body-ache be caused by osteoporosis?
  • Is my body chemistry out of sync?
  • Do I have a food allergy or intolerance?
  • Is my acid reflux a serious condition?

Learn which of your concerns are real and which ones are irrational. It can replace fear with knowledge and doubt with assurance.

Unlike the medical advice you get from books or TV, the findings of your blood test pertain to your own body and health. That’s why it’s easier to translate them into life-changing results. Your life is far too precious for that! We only give you important clinical data that impacts your health and well-being. And we don’t stop there! We’ll help you fully understand your score (readings) and pinpoint your problem areas.

You could even find out if your treatment is working, or how to maximize its effectiveness. If you are confused about which diet, lifestyle or treatment will produce the fastest results, a diagnostic lab test can give a clear direction to your efforts.